Basketball Gym Opening July 6th Information

June 29, 2020
EXCITING NEWS! the basketball gym will open to individual play only on July 6th. The hours will be Monday - Friday 4:00pm - 7:00pm.
The gym will only be opened to individual play at this time. This means only one person to a goal at a time.
There can not be any pick up games played while the gym is open.
When coming to the basketball gym members will need to enter through the glass door that is down the sidewalk between the basketball gym and teen center.
You will then scan your membership card at the table with one of our facility workers. NO GUEST ALLOWED
If there is a problem with your account or your card you will be asked to exit back out the glass the doors and enter through the front doors of the facility and get everything taken care of at the welcome center.
There will be no water fountains available so make sure to bring your own water.
If you have to use the restroom you will have to exit the same way you came in and enter through the main entrance of the facility. At that time if you are wanting to go back down to the basketball gym you will have to exit through the exit hallway and walk back around to the gym entrance.